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WolfeBay's Column!
Column #1, Volume I
August 16, 2001, Thursday

New Website for #ClassicGamer
     Welcome to #ClassicGamer, and its very first editorial!!  This is somewhat of a new channel, and the website was put online August 15th, 2001. This editorial is a new idea I have chosen to put on the website, were I'll put my 2 cents in on the gaming world, little facts not commonly known, and other things. This Column may either be bi-weekly, monthly, or just whenever I have something to say.

My dissapointment in the PS2
     I have read some information recently about the Play Staton 2, information about its future add-on accessories. The PS2 is supposebly going to get a LCD Screen, Keyboard, and a mouse, along with the well-known and long awaited for broad band modem and hard drive. Well, my dissappointment in the PS2 is, it seems to have become more of a low-end PC rather than a gaming console. Who knows what Microsoft will do with its XBox... What ever happened to playing games on gaming consoles, or the PC? The PS2 looks like a low-end PC from the picture I saw as well. Too bad I can't get a picture to show everyone.

Lesser Known Things...
     This month, the Sega Genesis is 12 years old! It was released in August, 1989, and was Sega's 16-Bit console using the cartridge format. It later had the Sega 32x and Sega CD addon's to extend the life of the console, before all three were succeeded by the Sega Saturn. The Sega-CD add-on brings me to this month's factoid...

     The Nintendo 64 (N64) and the Sony Playstation (PSX/PSone) are well on their way to become consoles of the past, and that to me is sad news. However, all great consoles have their 5 years (more or less) of fame, and it must come to an end :-(. Both systems have very few games coming out for them this year and next year. Last I heard, N64 had at least 4 more games being developed for it. The PSX, however, may have a few more, the number isn't known. Most game developers are pushing to develope for the Sony PS2, Microsoft XBox, and Nintendo Gamecube.

This Month's Factoid
     Did you know, that Sony and Nintendo were working together to make an add-on to compete against Sega's Sega-CD add-on to the Genese? The add-on was going to be called the Playstation, use CD formats instead of the cartridge ones, and would hook up underneath the Super Nintendo (SNES) just like the Sega-CD did under the Genesis, however, Nintendo backed out on the deal just before it was suppose to be announced, which angered Sony (hey wouldn't that anger you too?), and Sony in turn changed the Playstation SNES add-on and developed it into the wonderful (my favorite modern console) console it is today!

     I do wonder myself what would it have been like if it was just the SNES add-on. Would Sony have entered the console market later on making their own consoles if Nintendo had kept the deal and had the Playstation add-on? Or would Sony still be making add-ons to Nintendo's gaming consoles? Well now we'll never know... I speculate the reason Nintendo backed out was because back then, were wasn't much of a way to prevent piracy of Nintendo's games if they went to using the CD format, maybe causing Nintendo to fear that and back out as quickly as possible once they realized that, however, thats what I think MAY have happened.

Well that is all for this column! Thanks for reading and come back and visit soon!