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WolfeBay's Column!
Column #2, Volume I
September 24, 2001, Monday

     Welcome to this month's column for #ClassicGamer! I apologize for bringing this column out so late in the month! Like most Americans, I have been watching the news about what has happened September 11, 2001.  There isn't a whole lot new this month for #ClassicGamer website.  The Nintendo Game Cube will be released to the United States November 18th now, not the previously scheduled November 5th date. The Microsoft XBox however continues to hold its Noveber 8th release this year. I do hope the setback (AGAIN!) by Nintendo does not hurt its new console too much. Setting it closer towards the end of the month does push it closer towards Christmas, and may make the rush to get a GameCube a bit harder to obtain. I for one will hold my cash until Nintendo's GameCube comes out. I think I'll pass on this XBox from Microsoft until all the glitches are sorted out (how often do you get a Bug-Free product from Microsoft? Huh??? I expect this new toy from MS will have plenty of bugs just like everything else...). I applaud Nintendo for keeping their next generation solely gaming only, and for turning to the CD form over the cartridge form for gaming media! I liked the cartridge idea honestly...

The Good Ol "Bit" Age Days...
     I have recently had a conversation with a few people in #ClassicGamer about the good ol "Bit" age days. I can still remember the days in which having an 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System was the top system of the time, and the old Atari was considered prehistoric. Having an 8-Bit system made you the King on the block! I still remember the excitement I had when I heard a 16-Bit system was well on the way, such as the Sega Genesis. I eventually sold the old 8-Bit NES to obtain the 16-Bit Sega Genesis, and then sold the Genesis for the 32-Bit Sony PlayStation (Back then I didn't have all the money needed to keep the original system I owned and buy a new one :-( ). Now, the "Bit" Age is gone, but only after the Nintendo 64 (64-Bit) and Sega DreamCast(supposebly 128-Bits). The Sony PlayStation 2 may be 128-Bit machine, but I don't lable it as a gaming console, its more of an entertainment center. Now the systems are labled by their MHz speeds! That is not as exciting to me as much as the old bit measurements were. Having a 16-Bit system was alot more powerful and considered better over the 4- and 8-bit systems. Now, a 733MHzPIII system is going to be as powerful as a 400+MHz or 300+MHz system... The graphics from all the demo's I've seen from this new generation of consoles looks the same to me. The MHz speeds of the system does not matter then! The graphics of the GameCube games looks similar to that of the Sega DC, Sony PS2, and MS XBox!

This Month's Factoid
     This month, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System has turned 10 years old! It was released September 9th, 1991. The Sony Playstation is 6 years old this month, odly enough, released September 9th, 1995. And the Sega DreamCast is 2 years old this month, released September 9th, 1999. Do we all find it strange that three different systems released in different years, were released on the same day and month of those years??? I do...

Well that is all for this column! Thanks for reading and come back and visit soon!