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Commander Courage, Alfonso
First Name:Alfonso
Last Name:Courage
Race:Terran (Human)
Birth Place:Western Idaho, North America, Earth
Birth Date:2333
Position:First Officer
Previous Posistions:USS Fantasy NCC 75457 - A
USS Zeppelin NCC 81000 - C
Aldo Courage: Father, Researcher for Starfleet
Linda Courage: Mother, World Reknowned Healer

Marital Status: Widower with no children
Medical History:
Other Information:

Alfonso Courage was born in Western Idaho to Aldo and Linda Courage. His father was one of the researchers that redesigned replicator software and later helped develop holosuite programming. Alfonso's mother was a world reknowned healer, who travelled all over the Galaxy, teaching and promoting holistic healing as an alternative to conventional medicine. Alfonso often went with his mother to these gatherings and developed an understanding of the practices. When he turned 16, his parents sent him to the Sendscrit Monastary on Risa4, to study holistic medicine and develop the mental discipline the monks were famous for. He left the Monastary when he was in his early 20's because his love for computers was drawing him more and more toward his father. For several years he worked along side his father, until his father died of Rinteneda Syndrome, caused by unprotected overexposure that was common in the earliest holosuite programs.
After a 2 year sabbatical to Vulcan where he studied the ancient Vulcan martial arts discipline known as Hy'Sean'do',he came back to earth and entered Starfleet. After attending the Academy, he was stationed with the Seventh Fleet along the Cardassian Border. During an encounter on an unchartered moon, he was taken prisoner along with his landing party and sent to a Cardassian POW camp. Since there were no medical facilities available to the prisoners, Alfonso took care of his mates. For this he was tortured by the Cardassians. One night Alfonso finally broke the exit code for the prison, hot wired a Cardassian freighter and took all of the prisoners with him back into Federation Space. Because a lot of the prisoners were Bajoran, in deep appreciation for saving them, the Bajoran Kyi presented him the Award, the Golden Orb of the Prophets. After spending some time back on earth recuperating, he came back to Starfleet and found himself assigned to SSO, serving in Computer Operations. He has recently been reassigned to the 1st Starfleet Engineering Battalion as the Chief Tactical Officer aboard the U.S.S. Montgomery Scott.

  • The Golden Orb of the Prophets
  • The Meritorious Fleet award.