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Lieutenant Tragar, Black Fang
First Name:Black Fang
Last Name:Tragar
Birth Place:Lyran IV
Birth Date:03/09/2354
Position:Acting First Officer
Previous Posistions:none
4 years of training in Helm Operations, 4 years training in Tacitcal at Star Fleet Academy
Other Information:
Father: Red Claw Tragar
Mother: Green Claw Tragar
Loves fighting on the holodecks with swords from diffrent speices, Unarmed combat, and programming holodeck programs.
Medical History:
  • Stabbed with a dagger during training on Lyran Prime
Notes about Lyrans: Lyrans are a feline race with two legs and and two arms with claws that reach 8" long, they can jump 8'-10' easily, most male Lyrans wear armor that phasers have a hard time getting through, while most species have a hard time moving in the 52.3 pound armor Lyrans can easily move around in it and are formible opponents. Aside from loving battle, unlike the Klingons, Lyrans love to advance their technology to asist in battle, while they have yet to achieve cloaking technology they are still hard to track at long range due to jamming devices. Relations with the Lyrans and the Federation in the past has been difficult, due to propaganda from the Klingons. Peace talks 22 years ago has resulted in a peace treaty and only a few Lyrans serve in Starfleet because most still beleive that that federation ships are easily destroyed however most concflicts with the Federation has resulted in losses on the Lyrans side. Despite the the battles Federation diplomats pressed forward with negotations and a peace treaty was signed in 2462.

Lyrans are arch enimies with the Mirak Star League, another feline speicies who is very quick to attack. The Federation has yet to find out why there is such a bitter disposition between the two races because most Lyrans and Mirak are very closed about the subject.