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Ensign Falcon, Christopher
First Name:Christopher
Last Name:Falcon
Race:Terran (Human)
Birth Place:Geneva, Switzerland
Birth Date:2351
Position:Cheif Science Officer
Previous Posistions:none
Star Fleet Training
Close Combat Techniques Emergency Medicine Practical Application of Universal Medicines Advanced Piloting Advanced Manipulation of Ship Systems Engineering and Warp Drive Theories Tactical and Strategic Analysis Foundations of Universal Languages Computer Programming Algorithm Interpretations
The majority of Christopher Falcon's life has been education. For twenty eight years he was groomed to be a prominent member of the scientific community. His education did not interfere with the development of his social skills, but rather gave him the exposure to various brilliant educators and researchers from whom he developed an affable attitude and enjoyable sense of humor. After earning his PhD, he suspected a few years in Starfleet and a promotion or two seemed the quickest way for him to get where he wanted: significant research of alternative sciences at a major Starfleet research facility. Upon graduating from the Academy, he was assigned to the USS Fantasy-E and extremely eager to finally work in the field.

Despite his already existing education, Falcon's workload was not less than that of his fellow cadets'. As most science officers would study intensely on their field, Falcon had the opportunity to branch out further than most and develop a broad base of knowledge in different areas. Still, his additional education served as only a base, science remaining his primary and strongest field. Upon graduation, Falcon was given a choice between serving as an assistant science officer on the USS Enterprise-E or chief science officer on the lesser-known USS-Fantasy-E. Knowing his work on the Enterprise-E would more than likely be additional bookwork and little of the cosmological analysis he desired, Falcon opted to get his hands dirty and chose the role of department head to plunge immediately into his field

Other Information:
Pre-StarFleet History:
Following the death of his biological mother at four months old, Christopher Falcon was adopted by Johannes and Enid Kessel. He then went through the public school system and immediately enrolled in Geneva University. His dedication paid off, and he was granted a semester stay at a Klingon research facility, eventually graduating second in his class. After attaining a four year degree in astronomy, he moved across the world and was admitted to Brown University. Falcon nearly withdrew his application and joined Starfleet Academy to aid the Federation during the Dominion War, but an inspirited recruiter from the university was able to postpone Falcon's decision, resulting in Falcon's PhD in cosmological phenomena. Upon his graduation, a representative from Starfleet Academy requested to meet with him. Delighted, Christopher Falcon gladly turned in an application - only to find out the SFA representative was there to offer Falcon a teaching position. Flattered, Falcon denied the recruiter, enrolled in SFA, and was on his way to four more years of education.
Lorena Benducci (mother) was the daughter of an Italian couple, classical cellist Vincent Benducci(grandfather) and geriatric nurse Sophia Benducci(grandmother). Despite efforts to instill responsibility into their daughter, Lorena left home for good on her 15th birthday. With her charm and charisma, many older men preferred her company and offered her room and board for extended periods of time. However, the same allure that allowed her to drift through society had a darker side, frustrating her suitors to the point of exiling her, hence her indiscriminate moving patterns. Lorena voluntarily turned her first two children over to an adoption agency at their births. The third, Christopher, she kept. She wrote in a personal log, "Christopher is my first child conceived out of love, giving me every reason to love him and raise him. His father truly loves me, but he is legally bound to a horribly jealous woman." The woman described in her personal log fatally poisoned Lorena three hours following the log's recording. Rather than accepting the child, Christopher's father (Alden Falcon) turned him over to adoptive parents Johannes and Enid Kessel.

The Genevan Kessels raised Falcon on principals of functionality and practicality. Ironically, the child conceived out of love received little of it from his adoptive parents. Still, Falcon had no room to complain as all his needs were met. Despite growing up in a reserved household, Falcon was exposed, through the educational system, enough warmth to develop an affectionate and humorous attitude. The Kessels are responsible for Falcon's long and arduous pursuit of higher education.

Medical History:
238412.02 Treated for a fractured ulna after falling from a tree.
239404.26 Treated for alcohol poisoning while stationed on a Klingon research facility.
239906.16 Treated for an unidentifiable virus contracted on an academy field test.
Hobbies / Interests:
While at Geneva University, Brown University, and Starfleet Academy, Falcon participated commendably on cross country skiing teams and was frequently found in the chess lounges. The bulky piano impractically taken from Earth, now sitting in his quarters on the USS Fantasy, is testimony to his accomplished pianism.