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Cheif Medical Officer
First Name:Heran
Last Name:Eriennye
Birth Place:Romulus
Position:Chief Medical Officer
Studied at the Tail Shiar Institution of Romulas. areas of study include Command, Romulan Engineering, Medical, Operations, Diplomacy, Espionage, and Armed-Unarmed Combat
Other Information:
Heran Eriennye was born to Tokerion Ariennye and Is the standing Preator to the house of Ech'Teck Ariennye. The Ariennye house is well known on Romulus. Heran was born to join the Tail Shiar. Since birth it was his Verm'ior or Destiny. Heran was always a good student and bright. He loved Romulan Engineering even submiting articles to the Romulan equivilant of the Daystrom Institute of Technolagy. His First post was on his fathers ship the Venn'Ihh D'Deridex class. There he studied under Evren V'Iptom a well known Romulan Engineer. Rumors of a posable Federation Romulan Treaty were always being spread so Heran was quite surprised about his Relocation to a Federation ship. More surprising was the fact that the Star Empire was starting an Officer Exchange program with the Federation. There is bound to be tension between Romulan and Federation officers but nontheless Heran was grateful to accept a position on the USS Fantasy.