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Lieutenant Paradis, Juliane
First Name:Juliane
Last Name:Paradis
Race:Terran (Human)
Birth Place:Abingdon, Virginia, Earth
Birth Date:July 15, 2355
Position:Cheif Tactical Officer
Previous Posistions:none
From the age of 14 to 16, Juliane was student at the Gloucester Private School studing Earth history.

Juliane entered Star Fleet Academy at the age of 16 with her twin sister, Kitty. Juliane's studies followed the security and tactical tracks. She took extra courses in psychology and Federation history. She graduated at the age of 20 in the mid-range of her class.

Other Information:
Father: Lt. Commander Francios Paradis, 57, USS Nimitz, Ast. Science Officer
Mother: Angeline Schorr-Paradis, 55, Seamstress
Brother: Victor Paradis, (would be 33) Star Fleet security, killed on an away mission by Romulans near the Neutral zone while stationed on the exploration ship, the USS Pinnicle.
Brother: Stephen Paradis, 31, Civilian doctor
Sister: Alana Jelone, 28, Seamstress
Sister: Jamie Ross, 26, Teacher
Twin Sister: Ensign Kitty Paradis, 24, USS Salem, Junior Counselor
Reading classic literature, collecting buttons, and keeping scrapbooks
Medical History:
Mild allergies due to pollen, nothing medicine can't cure.
Generally goes quietly about her way, but when she does speak it's usually not well thought out giving people the wrong impression about her. She is always interested in listening to people and learning about new cultures, and at the same time she stays close minded about anybody who has scorned her.
Footnote on surname:
Her last name is French for 'paradise' and is pronounced the same way as the English word. Paradis is from a French Creole heritage. The Paradis family lived through the Southern United States.