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Lieutenant Jr. Grade O'Donnal, Karry
First Name:Karry
Last Name:O'Donnal
Race:Terran (Human)
Birth Place:Utopia Planitia, Mars
Birth Date:March 18, 2353
Position:Chief Medical Officer
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Previous Posistions:Assistant Medical Officer
4 years of Biology, Exobiology and intermediate Chemistry at Harvard. Also spent 4 years in Star Fleet Academy, training to become a nurse.
Other Information:
Mother: Sheri O'Donnal, (stationed on Medical ship, USS-Nightangale)
Father: Admiral Boras O'Donnal (stationed on the USS-Atlantis)

Brother: Ensign Tom O'Donnal (stationed on the USS-Atlantis)
Sister: Cadet Jesica O'Donnal (stationed on the USS-Nightangale)

Enjoys spending time with patients.
Medical History:
Karry O'Donnal has a bad sense of direction, somethinge she's experienced for most of her life. Also has third degree burns and a small hit on the head after a plasma conduit exploded on a transport vessel en-route to DS9 (hense the bad sense of direction)