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Ensign Sovek *DECEASED*
First Name:Sovek
Last Name:n/a
Birth Place:Vulcan home world
Birth Date:2351
Position:Cheif Helms Officer
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Previous Posistions:none
6 years of training for Operations officer on-board Federation vessels at Starfleet Acadamey and 4 years of tactical operations training on Earth, Kassik IX and Faru III
Other Information:
Egaged the Romulans defending Kassik IX from Romulan invasion. Enjoyed three years worth of experience at the Helm stations on the USS Conrad and USS Hornet.
Mother: T'Pal (Chief Science officer on-board the USS Conrad)
Father: Solik (Second officer of Deep Space 6)

Tactical scenarios on the holo-deck and Kal-Toh
Medical History:
Contracted the Farian Plague during training on Faru III

***DECEASED*** Was killed by an Usanali Coalition Officer while behing held captive on a Coalition prison station.