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Lieutenant Jr. Grade Tolocko
First Name:Tolocko
Last Name:none
Age:Approximately 5,136
Race:Semi-Biological Android
Birth Place:Unkown coordinates in the M81 cluster of galaxies.
Birth Date:Approximately 2757 B.C.
Position:Cheif Security Officer
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Previous Posistions:none
Spent a lot of time in different previous institutions throughout his life; In StarFleet, spent 6 years in Security training, and 2 years in engineering.
Other Information:
His creators were considered as close to a family as he ever had.. they designed him as an all-purpose android that was so similar to the people he worked with they would almost consider him family. He was the only prototype, since after 2 weeks the planet, as well as the entire race, was destroyed by a rival race. Fortunately, he was taken by the people, thinking he was a prisoner, and let him live his own life, which he spent exploring the universe. By the 1940s, he crash-landed on Earth, and decided to live there, blending in with the people, where he was known as Bob Johnson, and lived with that name until 2302, when, during a hunting accident, he was discovered to be an android.

He has seen so much sadness before joining starfleet that he wanted to die. Due to his moral subroutines, though, he did not commit suicide, and just waited patiently until something (or someone) killed him. After joining Starfleet, though, he had a different outlook on life, and decided not to wait to be killed, but instead help others out.
As for hobbies, he was especially fond of 1980s earth technology and culture, and his quarters is filled, almost overflowing, with replicas of old computers. He also has a crippling weakness for playing non-holographic games, which he spends most of his free time doing.
The abilities he has are very few, since he was initially designed as a housekeeping droid. The only ability he has, except for being nearly immortal, is to change his bodily characteristics, blending in with the culture he is living with.