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Lieutenant Commander Vaw`Ton
First Name:Vaw`ton
Last Name:n/a
Race:Vulcan/Klingon Hybrid
Birth Place:T'Kasi (Vulcan home world in the Vulcan language)
Birth Date:yr. 2338
Position:Chief Science Officer
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Previous Posistions:USS Scorpion NCC-75693-A
USS Farragut
USS Republic
3 Years at Star Fleet Academy, 1 Year at Star Fleet Advanced Security Training School, 1 Year at the Vulcan Science Academy
Other Information:
Mother: Syvik, Federation Research Scientist; Currently assigned to Federation Outpost 234.
Father: HoH'wa Dich, Tactical Officer - Klingon Defense Force; Deceased.
Half-Brother: Gu`kon, Operations Officer - Klingon Defense Force; Last known to be assigned to the Klingon Science vessel Pha`Tang.
Meditation, Holodeck combat training, various scientific studies, and the occasional indulgence in vintage Bloodwine.
Born in 2338 on T'Khasi to the Vulcan female Syvik, a Federation research scientist previously assigned to Outpost 473. Vaw`ton was the result of Syvik's being raped by a Klingon renegade later identified as HoH'wa Dich.

To help Vaw`ton deal with his conflicting hybrid Klingon/Vulcan emotions, Syvik placed him in the Vulcan Temple of the Korini Dercou (The Way of Stealth and Guile). In 2366, Vaw`ton applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy. Upon graduation and subsequent completion of Advanced Security Training, he was assigned to the USS Farragut as an Assistant Tactical Officer in 2371.

He was transferred to the USS Scorpion in 2372 and assigned as Chief of Security. In 2374, he was promoted to the position of the Scorpion's Executive Officer, and by 2375 had risen to the rank of Commander.

In 2376, in a Challenge of Honorable Combat Vaw`ton killed his renegade Klingon father, HoH'wa Dich. Shortly afterward, the physical trauma he suffered in the combat aggravated a chemical imbalance in his brain, a result of his mixed Vulcan/Klingon genetic heritage, and triggered seizures and episodes of manic depressive behavior.

After taking an Extended Medical Leave for treatment at Starbase 357 and recuperation at the Temple of the Korini Dercou on the Vulcan homeworld, he attended the Vulcan Science Academy, and then applied to pick up his commission in Starfleet. He accepted a demotion to Lieutenant Commander as a penalty for switching to the Science track and was assigned to the USS Republic as Chief Science Officer.

After the Republic was decommissioned, he was transferred to the USS Fantasy as Chief Science Officer.

6'5" tall, 185 pounds; lanky and powerfully-built. Black hair and umber-colored (a brownish/greenish/yellowish color) eyes. Distinguished by his pointed ears and forehead boneridges. Both his parents are considered attractive by their prospective races, but Vaw`ton's relative attractiveness is, most definitely, in the eye of the beholder. He is generally a quiet, methodical man who endeavors to maintain control over his Klingon side. He has a strong empathic ability and also has telepathic ability, but only when in direct contact with someone. He keeps up strong mental shields at all times to block the intrusions of other telepaths.

Star-Fleet Record:
2366 - Entered Starfleet Academy
2369 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, Ranked 3rd of 1314
2370 - Attended and Graduated Starfleet Advanced Security Training School
2371 - Assistant Tactical Officer, USS Farragut
2372 - Chief Security Officer, USS Scorpion; Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2373 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2374 - Executive Officer, USS Scorpion; Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2375 - Promoted to Commander
2376 - Extended Medical Leave
2377 - Attended Vulcan Science Academy
2378 - Chief Science Officer, USS Republic; Demoted to Lieutenant Commander
2379 - Chief Science Officer, USS Fantasy