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Captain Thompson, WolfeBay
First Name:WolfeBay
Last Name:Thompson
Race:Terran (Human)
Birth Place:Dublin, Ireland, Earth
Birth Date:September 19, 2344
Position:Commanding Officer
Previous Posistions:USS Fantasy NCC 75457 - A
USS Fantasy NCC 75457 - B
Attended Star Fleet Academy for 6 years after graduating highschool. Also studied at the Vulcan Science Institute for 2 years in the Alien Botany and Planetary Geology courses.
Other Information:
Parents -
Samuell and Melissa Thompson;
Siblings -
Brothers: John Thompson (Stationed on the USS Bowon NCC 82248, Intrepid Class, as Cheif Science Officer)
Chak`Tah (adopted Klingon brother, joined a Klingon resistance to take control over the Klingon homeworld, failed in the coup, and fled the area with his new fleet. Current whereabouts: UNKOWN)
Sisters -
Jenna Thompson (Head of the Botany department on Deep Space 5)
Hobbies: WolfeBay enjoys building small scale models of ships of the StarFleet, old and new, and reading plenty of science fiction books. He has also been found reading books on the history of other alien civilazations, and enacting out historical moments of those in the holodecks.
Medical History:
June 8th, 2376 - Assimilated into the Borg Collective in the Borg's attempt to capture parts of the Federation to build a base. Was re-captured by the Federation and through a month of surgery, was reverted back to being Human.