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"Missing Astrad", Sim 001, October 21st, 2002
The Ambassador class starship, the USS Astrad NCC 75248, has gone missing during her exploratory mission near the Cardassian borders. StarFleet was expecting them to report in from their mission two weeks ago, and fear the worst may have happened, now more that Cardassian activity has increased in the region. The Fantasy crew to be, currently stationed on Deep Space 9, is the only active crew that's closest to the region to start the search. The officers on board Deep Space 9 are unable to leave the station, and the USS Fantasy still is being constructed at the McKinnley Ship Yards, and the crew has been given the use of the USS Defiant-A for the time being. Can the Fantasy find whats happened to the missing Astrad? Where the Cardassians involved? Find out by reading the sim log!