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WolfeBay .............Captain WolfeBay ThompsonShip Commander
Brad .....................Ensign Dunarie Ve`norCheif Engineer Officer
Sertok ..................Ensign Christopher FalconCheif Science Officer
Vawton.................Ensign JarvisHelm Officer
DW......................Ensign MansfieldTactical Officer
-=/\=-The Fantasy crew is currently stationed at Deep Space 9 in the breifing room-=/\=-
The Ambassador class starship, the USS Astrad, has gone missing. We were expecting them to report in from their exploration mission two weeks ago, and fear the worst may have happened. Unfortunately you're the only active crew thats closest to start the search. The officers on board DS9 are unable to leave the station, and the USS Fantasy still is being constructed at the McKinnley Ship Yards, so we're lending you the USS Defiant-A for the time being. You are to search the last known coordinates that I'm transmitting to you now, and find out what has happened to the Astrad.
Good luck, and god speed... Admiral Thomas Jenkins out. [CaptainThompson] 15,1-=8/\15=- 4SIM START 15,1-=8/\15=- [CaptainThompson] ::gets up from the head of the table and looks around at his assembled crew:: Alright you heard the man... lets get going [EnsignJarvis] Great. I always wondered how one of those dustbusters flew [EnsignFalcon] ::nods and stands:: [EnsignMansfield] ::wakes up, not quite sure where he is supposed to be:: [CaptainThompson] Ensgin Mansfield, I could use you at tactical, you're the last minute man Star Fleet got for us [EnsignFalcon] ::exits the cramped ready room and enters the particularly small bridge:: [EnsignDunarie] Now I wish I had spent more time studying the inner workings of the Defiant class ::groans in anoyance:: [EnsignMansfield] Aye, sir. [CaptainThompson] ::exits the breifing room to the station's bridge and nods at Colonel Kira at her obs table:: Colonel [EnsignMansfield] ::trys to remember his tactical classes:: [EnsignDunarie] ::sits up, and heads to the TL:: [EnsignJarvis] ::Follows the rest of the officers to the Defiant:: [CaptainThompson] ::enters the TL with the others over looking his PADD on the Defiant's mechanical sheet for any problems:: [EnsignFalcon] ::quietly shadows Thompson into the TL:: [CaptainThompson] ::looks to Jarvis:: Ensign Jarvis.. I hope you're pretty good with flying these saucers, the coordinates are close to Cardassian space unfortunately [CaptainThompson] ::stops and speaks to the computer:: Docking Port 5 [EnsignMansfield] ::follows blindly while trying his best to decide how you actually use a tactical console:: [EnsignJarvis] I'm sure I won't disappoint you, sir. I haven't wrecked a ship yet ::Refrains from mentioning he's flown mostly in simulators:: [CaptainThompson] ::mumbles to himself:: I was really hoping to get the Fantasy soon... Star Fleet certianly has their ways of torturing you by informing you that you have the ship 5 months before its completed... ::kinda grunts:: But the Defiant will do for now [EnsignFalcon] ::eagerly wants to get behind the science console:: [CaptainThompson] ::feels the tl stop and exits:: [EnsignFalcon] ::follows submissibly behind Thomps, thinking he walks way too slow:: [EnsignDunarie] ::exits and boards the Defiant:: [EnsignJarvis] ::Follows:: [CaptainThompson] Alright I think I'll clue you in on some things guys, The Astrad dissappears near Cardassian space... Admiral Jenkins didn't mention this on the screen but Star Fleet seems to think the Cardassians might have had something to do with her dissappearnce.. lets keep our eyes open for anything suspicious with the Cardassians alright? [EnsignMansfield] ::thinks, 'quantum torpedos, two banks, pulse phaser cannons, four. I think I got it':: [CaptainThompson] ::enters the Defiant and proceeds towards the bridge::... Cramped ships.. just what I always love.. [EnsignJarvis] Astrad, eh? Odd name for a ship. [EnsignDunarie] ::Takes the nearest TL to Engineering:: [CaptainThompson] ::boards a TL bound for the bridge and continues reviewing his PADDs for this mission:: [EnsignJarvis] ::Takes the conn and begins preflight checks:: [EnsignMansfield] ::finds his station on the cramped bridge, and immediatly brings up a game of solitaire:: [CaptainThompson] ::exits the TL and stops just pass the doorway soaking in the view of the bridge:: Nice... ::Nods and proceeds to The Chair and stands in front of it.:: [CaptainThompson] Does everything check out Jarvis? [EnsignDunarie] :exits the TL and walks to Engineering's Master Situations Monitor [EnsignMansfield] ::checks weapons stores after losing the first hand:: [EnsignJarvis] Ayesir [EnsignJarvis] ::Accesses mission coordinates and plots course:: [CaptainThompson] ::looks around at some of the enlisted crew entering the bridge and taking up a few stations:: [CaptainThompson] Alright, thats good. Mansfield do the weapons check out? Sheilds? [EnsignMansfield] Um, yeah, one of the torpedo bays is not responding, everything else looks good. [EnsignMansfield] I think... [EnsignDunarie] ::presses some buttons and does a quick run through of ship's systems:: [CaptainThompson] Hmm.. Alright I'm sure we'll be fine out there.. [CaptainThompson] +taps+ Dunarie.. get a man or two on that malfunctioning torpedo bay.. I'm sure we'll be fine out there but I want to be safe [EnsignDunarie] +taps+ aye sir, I'll get right on it [EnsignMansfield] ::Starts trying to override the torpedo loading systems:: [CaptainThompson] ::ends the communique with Engineering and taps a comm button on his console near his seat:: [EnsignDunarie] ::yells to a nameless crewman:: get down to torpedo bay two and see what's the problem, and fix it! [CaptainThompson] +COM+ Deep Space Nine, the the Defiant is prepped and ready for take off. Permission to dissengage and proceed. [ColonelKira] +COM+ Permission granted Captain Thompson.. take care of the Defiant and bring her back ::laughs a little:: Or else I'll find a way to bring Sisko back and he wont be happy [EnsignJarvis] ::Looks at the Captain, waiting the go-ahead:: [CaptainThompson] +COM+ Alright Colonel.. will do. Captain Thompson out. [CaptainThompson] ALright Jarvis.. bring us out nice and slow from the station [EnsignJarvis] ::Nods and disengages docking clamps and engages thrusters:: [EnsignDunarie] ::gets word back from the crewman that there was a slight wiring bug, but has been fix:: [CaptainThompson] ::sits himself down feeling the vibrations of the ship kick in from the engines starting up:: [CaptainThompson] Half impulse away from the station [EnsignJarvis] ::After clear of the docking arm, engages half impulse:: [EnsignMansfield] ::to himself:: Hey, this things has a cloaking device... [EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ Captain Topedo bay two functioning again, just faulty wiring **ACTION** The Impulse engines begine to increase in power and then shuts down and the Defiant stops near the DS9 docking arms. [CaptainThompson] :: Looks around:: What happened? Why did we stop? [EnsignJarvis] What the...? [CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Dunarie, power to the Impulse engines please? [EnsignJarvis] Impulse engines offline, sir [EnsignJarvis] ::Re-engages thrusters to keep from smacking the station:: [EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ working on it sir [EnsignMansfield] Fun. [CaptainThompson] ::taps his console:: [EnsignDunarie] :: runs to the Impulse control console:: [EnsignJarvis] ::Runs a quick diagnostic of the helm console:: [CaptainThompson] +COM+ Colonel.. We weren't notified that the Defiant had any problems.. we've come across a few already.. Where was O'Brien? [EnsignJarvis] Everything checks out on this end, sir [EnsignDunarie] +taps+ Dunarie to bridge [ColnlKira] +COM+ O'Brien is aware of the problems Captain.. tell your Engineers to add double power to Impulse.. they'll work fine for now. We weren't able to get extra power couplings to replace those that are wearing down. [CaptainThompson] +COM+ Alright... Captain Thompson out.. again. [EnsignJarvis] ::rolls eyes:: [CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Dunarie.. increase power times 2 to Impulse.. StarFleet neglected in reparing the ship. [EnsignMansfield] ::wonders how this effects the cannons:: [CaptainThompson] ::sits and wonders what other problems will arise on this mission:: [EnsignJarvis] ::Glances at the impulse power readout:: [EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ aye sir, so that's why the display showed nothing wrong [EnsignDunarie] ::presses a few buttons:: [EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ there ya go captain, power increased, should be fine now [CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Aye.. lets get this ship underway [EnsignJarvis] ::Watches the dial increase:: [EnsignJarvis] Ayesir ::Engages half impulse:: [CaptainThompson] Jarvis.. half impulse until we're away from the Station [EnsignJarvis] Ayesir. Approaching the limit of the no-warp zone now [CaptainThompson] Alright, set the coordinates into conn and prepare to engage at Warp 7 [EnsignJarvis] ::Taps console:: course plotted... ::Tap, tap:: and laid in, sir [CaptainThompson] Falcon, make sure your long range scanners are working over there.. I want you to keep your eyes open for anything suspicious while we're out there [CaptainThompson] ::looks foward and sticks his hand up and motions foward:: Engage [EnsignDunarie] ::heads to warp core station to keep an eye on things:: [EnsignJarvis] ::Steps on the button:: [EnsignJarvis] On course at warp 7, sir **ACTION** The Defiant arrives a few hours later near the border lines of the Cardassian Union [EnsignJarvis] Approaching Cardy space, Captain [CaptainThompson] ::Gets up and looks to falcon:: [CaptainThompson] Anything near us? [EnsignMansfield] Shields? Cloak, captain? [CaptainThompson] Mansfield, keep those weapons ready [EnsignMansfield] Torps loaded cap'n, I still worry about power and the phaser cannons though. [CaptainThompson] Mansfield, go to Yellow Alert, power the sheilds only and scan for any Cardassian ships near this location. [EnsignMansfield] ::changes system status to yellow, initiates scan:: [CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Dunarie, keep extra power ready for weapons.. I dont want those phaser cannons bailing on us in a pinch [EnsignMansfield] Captain, Cardasian border patrols in the area, not much of a threat [CaptainThompson] ::Nods:: Aye, lets hope they stay that way [EnsignJarvis] Approaching the last known coordinates of the Astrad, sir [EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ Yes sir, I'll see they only fail after the rest of the ships been shot to hell and back:: [CaptainThompson] Aye.. full stop [CaptainThompson] +Taps+ ::chuckles:: Alright Dunarie.. thats the spirit! [EnsignJarvis] ::Disengages warp and brings the ship to full stop:: [CaptainThompson] Jarvis.. initiate Long Range scans... lets see if the Astrad is out there [EnsignJarvis] Ayesir [EnsignJarvis] ::ties into OPS and activates LR scanners:: [EnsignMansfield] I'm pretty sure one of those border patrols is heading this way, though I get the idea they don't know we are here [EnsignJarvis] ::Raises a brow as the panel informs him of a contact:: [CaptainThompson] Hmm.. keep those weapons handy.. the Cardassians are still hostile to the Federation [EnsignJarvis] Sir? I'm getting a faint contact. Can't tell what it is though. Range: 10.4 light years; 322 mark 17 [CaptainThompson] Nothing closer besides the Cardassians? I want to ensure we look everywere before we proceed [EnsignJarvis] ::Shakes head:: No, sir [EnsignMansfield] I definatly don't see anything that we couldn't kill, sir **ACTION** 3 Cardassian Hideki class ships intercept the Defiant.. the lead one hailing the ship [EnsignMansfield] Like I said, nothing we cannot kill, open channel? [CaptainThompson] Aye Open channel [EnsignMansfield] ::opens channel:: [EnsignDunarie] ::finishes up optimzing phaser cannons:: [CaptainThompson] +COM+ This is Captain Thompson of the USS Defiant, we... ::gets cut off by the Cardassian lead ship:: [EnsignJarvis] ::Activates the viewer and gulps:: [Legate] +COM+ This is Legate Duktan of the fearsome fleet Choatoau.. Your ship is too close to Cardassian borderlines.. leave at once or we'll consider you a threat to our soveriegnty [CaptainThompson] +COM+ I'll leave as soon as I find a missing ship.. the USS Astrad. Have you ::gets cut off again:: [EnsignJarvis] ::Mumbles, "Sweet fellow":: [LegateDuktan] +COM+ I dont care what you're looking for.. leave at once or I'll show you how to leave Captain [EnsignJarvis] ::Readies a few evasive maneuvers:: [CaptainThompson] +COM+ Alright.. ::cuts the channel:: [EnsignMansfield] ::thinks of how much Duktan reminds him of Gul Derot:: [CaptainThompson] Jarvis.. get us out of here.. set a course for Bearing 322 Mark 17 and engage at warp 7 [EnsignJarvis] Ayesir ::Engages thruster and spins the ship a bit and then jumps'er to warp:: [CaptainThompson] Mansfield.. are those Hideki's following us? [EnsignFalcon] ::plugs in the scanning parameters and uses the nanosensors as late as allowable:: [EnsignMansfield] ::scans:: [EnsignMansfield] They have laid in a pursuit corse, sir [EnsignFalcon] A pursuit course? [CaptainThompson] They could be escorting us away from their borders [CaptainThompson] Cardassians are too territorial [CaptainThompson] Keep those weapons online anyways.. Legate Duktan doesn't sound very gentleman-like [EnsignFalcon] ::furiously collects as much data as possible while leaving the site:: **ACTION** The Three Cardassian Hideki's begin breaking pursuit and return to Cardassian space as the Defiant arrives at the coordinates of the faint readings [EnsignFalcon] ::Frustrated at lack of results:: It's pretty obvious that this class of ship wasn't designed for survey missions [EnsignJarvis] Approaching contact coordinates, sir [EnsignMansfield] the cardies have broken off, sir [CaptainThompson] ::looks to Falcon:: Nope... she's a warship.. unfortunately she's the closet in the region to this area.. the Fantasy would be better.. but she wont be ready for just a little while more. [EnsignMansfield] though I can say we could have easily taken them ::to himself:: and started another war [CaptainThompson] Yeah.. starting a war isn't in my objectives this year.. the Dominion wars were a bit longer than I'd like Mansfield.. that and I dont want to see what Sisko would do if Colonel Kira could bring him back for damaging his ship. Hideki's bring Galors, and Galors bring Keldons.. we wouldnt last long [CaptainThompson] ::stands up:: Alright Falcon scan this area.. we detected faint readings around here.. where are they? [EnsignFalcon] ::begins with a narrow scan and narrows in on specific regions:: I got something...but it isn't what he anticipated [CaptainThompson] ::looks to Falcon:: what is it? [EnsignFalcon] It turns out to be more of a trail than anything else, these readouts indicate that whatever was emitting the original signals we picked up has moved to a solar system not far from here [EnsignMansfield] Sir, with do respect, ever since we captiored that Galor a few years back, we could have taken a few... [CaptainThompson] Aye Mansfield.. but how many could we have taken before we've started a new war and become overwhelmed by the Cardies? This ship has shown some problems already.. I"m not ready for new ones [EnsignJarvis] ::Ties into sensors and plots a course to the solar system:: [EnsignFalcon] ::checks sensor readouts:: I really suggest we puruse this, it might move again and we might not be able to relocate it [CaptainThompson] Jarvis, set the course and engage.. lets find this mysterious thing and see if its the Astrad or someone that might know what happened to it [EnsignJarvis] Ayesir ::Taps console and engages:: **ACTION** The Defiant arrives at the outer planet as the mysterious object slips behind the fourth moon [CaptainThompson] Falcon, scan the area for that ship. [EnsignFalcon] ::eagerly runs some more scans:: Well..its the closest lead we have so far. [EnsignJarvis] ::Guides the ship into the system:: [EnsignFalcon] Captain, I've found the Astrad. [EnsignFalcon] ::scratches back of head, confused with the results:: [CaptainThompson] ::perks up:: You did? Why are they moving away from us? [EnsignFalcon] The sensor readings are very faint because the Astrad is suspended and almost completely engulfed in some kind of subspace chamber [EnsignJarvis] ::Glances over his shoulder at Falcon:: [CaptainThompson] ::Raises a brow:: Come again? [EnsignFalcon] A naturally occuring subspace well. These have been documented before, but this one is particularly interesting because it isn't anchored to anything, its moving around unpredictably. [CaptainThompson] Lets find a way to get her out of there.. Jarvis.. bring us closer but dont let us get caught in that thing [EnsignFalcon] They're completely suspended in time, and will be until they are released. [CaptainThompson] Hmmm [EnsignMansfield] should I raise status? [CaptainThompson] Mansfield... prepare the tractor beam... lets see if we can pull them out of there [EnsignFalcon] ::becomes absorbed in console:: Under normal conditions a ship wouldn't last in there, they had to make some last minute modifications. Must be one hell of a crew. [EnsignJarvis] ::Drops to quarter impulse and moves in:: [EnsignFalcon] I wouldn't recommend a tractor beam, sir. [CaptainThompson] ::turns around:: Whynot? Do you know of a better way? [EnsignMansfield] I'm not sure we can get lock, but aye. [EnsignJarvis] ::Brings the ship to a halt safely outside of the subspace field:: [EnsignFalcon] Because of the complete energy distribution, a tractor beam might have the opposite effect intended, pulling us in. [CaptainThompson] hmm... ::rubs his chin:: [EnsignFalcon] Might I suggest a calbirated energy wave in hopes of creating destructive interference? [EnsignMansfield] so.. what should I do, capain? [CaptainThompson] Alright we need to find a way to get them out of there... in Star Fleet records has this happened before? [CaptainThompson] Standby Mansfield... [CaptainThompson] Aye Falcon.. lets see if the ship can muster up the power required [EnsignFalcon] Records indicate that ships caught in subspace wells are lost or pulled apart. [CaptainThompson] +TAPS+ Dunarie... get as much power as falcon requires for his experimentation... take everything except impulse and life support [EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ right away sir [EnsignJarvis] ::Turns around:: didn't the Enterprise-D get trapped in temporal warp once, and use some kind of beam to seal it? [CaptainThompson] They might have sealed it Jarvis.. but we want to extract the Astrad out of there [EnsignFalcon] ::smiles at Jarvis's scientific ambition:: [EnsignDunarie] ::Runs over to the power distribution console [CaptainThompson] ::looks at the Astrad on the viewscreen:: A fine Ambassador class ship.. must be weird to be stuck in time [EnsignDunarie] ::presses several buttons on the console and runs over to the warp core station:: [EnsignJarvis] ::Shrugs and turns back to the job he knows at least a little about:: [EnsignDunarie] ::does some fine tuning to the warp core:: [EnsignFalcon] ::accesses deflector control and double checks calibrations:: [EnsignDunarie] ::runs over to another console and switches ship to emergency lighting:: [EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ Dunarie to Bridge [CaptainThompson] +TAPS+ Yes Ensign? [EnsignMansfield] If we used well placed torps we might be able to disrupt the field, then again we might just destroy the Astrad.. [EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ all possible power diverted, and I did a little bit of work on the warp core to give you some extra juice:: [EnsignFalcon] There isn't really a way to predict how much energy is needed, so we need to cross our fingers. [EnsignJarvis] ::Looks at Falcon: I don't suppose there's any way to get a commlink to them, eh? Maybe they have an idea ::Grins:: [CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Aye Ensign..:: turns to Falcon:: Falcon.. initiate the wave when you're ready [EnsignJarvis] ::Grips the console, with an evasive maneuver a tap away:: [EnsignFalcon] ::cautiously discharges the energy wave from the deflector grid:: [EnsignJarvis] ::Watches the viewer:: **ACTION** A large energy wave disrupts from the deflector grid a far bit powerful than expected pushing the Defiant back and spinning her around as the wave glides towards the Astrad [EnsignJarvis] Whoa ::Taps furiously to regain control:: [EnsignMansfield] Shields held sir. **ACTION** The wave disturbs the Astrad's frozen state and causes the subspace anomaly to release the ship, but also damages the Astrad's hull a bit [EnsignFalcon] Sorry about that! Like I said, there was no way to know.. [EnsignFalcon] I'd recommend pulling the Astrad away fromthe anamoly before it gets back in there [CaptainThompson] ::holds on but releases his death grip to the chair when the Defiant stops [EnsignJarvis] ::Engages thrusters and moves the ship slowly back in toawrd the Astrad:: [CaptainThompson] :: [EnsignDunarie] ::stumbles around but stays upright and walks over to a console to look for any possible damage [CaptainThompson] Mansfield, get a tractor beam on her and pull her away, [EnsignJarvis] She appears to be venting some atmosphere, sir [EnsignMansfield] Locked ::starts to apply pull:: [CaptainThompson] Jarvis pull us back so we can get her away.. we'll worry about damage later. Lets not let her get stuck again [EnsignJarvis] Ayesir :;Engages reverse thrusters:: [CaptainThompson] ::taps on his console to bring up the comm:: [CaptainThompson] +COM+ USS Astrad, this is Captain WolfeBay Thompson of the USS Defiant... please respond... [EnsignJarvis] ::Increases thruster power to compensate for the Astrad's greater mass:: [EnsignFalcon] ::scans the Astrad for any irregular damage:: [AstradCaptain] +COM+ This is Captain Jerimiah Sterling.. Thanks for retreiving us captain.. we've suffered damage, but from what I do not know. How long have we been gone? [CaptainThompson] +COM+ A few weeks.. we were sent out to find you.. I'm glad you're in one peice at least.. the damage you've taken, any casualties? [CaptainSterling] +COM+ None sighted.. a few weeks eh? We'll have to send StarFleet records of this anomaly.. we didn't see it until we're right on it. We were fleeing a fleet of Cardassian Hideki's that told us to leave when we ran into this thing [EnsignFalcon] ::nods:: [CaptainThompson] +COM+ Yeah we had that same problem too with the Cardies.. We'll get you home though... ***SIM END***