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WolfeBay .............Captain WolfeBay ThompsonShip Commander
Brad .....................Ensign Dunarie Ve`norCheif Engineer Officer
Sertok ..................Ensign Christopher FalconCheif Science Officer
Vawton.................Ensign JarvisHelm Officer
[CaptainThompson] The Fantasy crew still stationed at their temporary Deep Space 9 posting has just been given another mission to carry out on the USS Defiant - A... discover what is attacking and crippling Bajoran frieghters en route to a new Bajoran colony, New Jalanda, and put a stop to it. [CaptainThompson] Meanwhile, tensions between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire increase as peace talks between the Romulans and Federation progress, and Deep Space 9 is again the center of action... What is attacking the Bajoran Freighters? And will the Federation and the Klingon Empire go into a new war? Find out Monday by participating in the sim!!! [20:24:24] [CaptainThompson] We are currently stationed on the bridge of the USS Defiant-A. ***SIM START***
[AdmiralJenkins] You've been re-assigned to the USS Defiant-A again Captain Thompson.  Lets put a stop to these attacks as soon as possible, and get the Bajorans back on their feet with this colony.
[AdmiralJenkins]While you're out there, be ware of any rogue Klingon ships... the Klingons are currently very unhappy with us, and the Captain Jones of the USS Novax has reported a light attack on her ship.  Good luck with your mission, and God's speed.  Admiral Jenkins, out.
[EnsignFalcon] ::looks down at boots::
[EnsignJarvis] ::Plotting a route to New Jalanda, whilelistening to the Admiral:;
[CaptainThompson] ::watches the viewscreen showing the Admiral dissappear and show the UFP symbol, then a field of stars with a large portion of Deep Space 9 in the side::
[EnsignFalcon] ::looks over data gathered from the few Bajoran freighters that survived::
[CaptainThompson] ::looks around:: Well this sounds interesting, did anyone hear if he mentioned the Fantasy being finished yet?
[EnsignDunarie] ::makes his way from the engineering station to the TL, and walks in::
[EnsignJarvis] ::Glances back at the captain:: Well, you know how those engineers like to play around, sir
[CaptainThompson] ::looks to Jarvis:: Well, lets get under way at all due speed.. Warp 7 Ensign
[EnsignDunarie] ::perks his head out of TL:: I havn't gotten any reports about it in a while, sir
[CaptainThompson] ::takes his seat in center chair::
[EnsignJarvis] Ayesir... course plotted and laid in...
[EnsignDunarie] ::steps back:: Computer, Main Engineering
[EnsignFalcon] I've spent the past six months learning the layout and scientific capabilities of the Fantasy, I'm ready to get my hands on her.
[EnsignJarvis] ::Docking clamps released, thrusters engaged...
[CaptainThompson] ::nods:: Alright Dunarie... ::rubs his chin and thinks:: {{This must be some test of my ability as captain..  I bet the Fantasy is awaiting a captain anytime now..}}
[EnsignJarvis] ::Manuevers the Defiant out away from DS9 and then kicks it to impulse::
[CaptainThompson] ::sits back comforatably in his chair::  On my mark Jarvis... 
[EnsignDunarie] ::feels the TL slowing down, waits for the doors to part, and steps off::
[EnsignJarvis] Clear of the "no-wake" zone, sir
[CaptainThompson] ::nods putting his hand in the air motioning it foward:: Engage
[EnsignJarvis] ::Hits it::

[EnsignJarvis] This little roller skate does go, I'll give'er that
[CaptainThompson] ::looks over at Falcon:: DId you get the Bajoran frieghter's composition listing?  We need to see if we can't find any other unkown fragments out there
[EnsignDunarie] ::walks around engineering, checking on this and that::
[EnsignJarvis] ::Makes a couple minor adjustments::
[CaptainThompson] ::Looks over his PADD::.. We need to see if the attacker was hit in any way 
[EnsignJarvis] How close to New Jalanda were the ships attacked, sir?
[CaptainThompson] ::Looks at his PADD and taps a few buttons:: Most were attacked outside of the system within a light year to 3 light years...
[CaptainThompson] ::awaits Falcon's answer::
[EnsignJarvis] ::Notes that on the nav chart screen::
[EnsignDunarie] ::notices a door stuck open on the left side of the lower Engineering deck:: uhg not again, 3rd time today, something must have got knocked loose on the last mission ::grumbles::
[EnsignJarvis] ETA 24 minutes
[CaptainThompson] Report says that the survivors of all the ships never saw the ship coming until they were being rocked around in space
[CaptainThompson] Its almost as if it were a ghost ship.. The captains and their crew could never get a look at it, it just came in, attacked, and dissappeared
[EnsignDunarie] ::walks over to it, kicks the lower left side of it, and watches it slide shut:: thats better...
[EnsignJarvis] Musta been cloaked
[CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Dunarie, I want this ship in tip top notch.. I want us to be fully prepared for any unkown ships.
[EnsignDunarie] ::heads to shields console and presses a few buttons on it::
[CaptainThompson] Could have been.. but even out of cloak, their sensors never saw it
[EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ Aye sir, just go over the shields right now
[CaptainThompson] ::reachs over his console next to his chair and prepares to press a button::
[CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Good good, lets make sure it all works.
[CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Attention all hands, going to yellow alert.
[[EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ will do sir, Engineering out
[CaptainThompson] ::presses a button and watches yellow lights begin to flash on and off slowly::
[EnsignJarvis] ETA 12 minutes to range of furthest attack from New Jalanda
[CaptainThompson] <>
[EnsignDunarie] ::runs some tests on phaser and torpedo systems::
[CaptainThompson] ::nods:: Aye, lets keep sensors open full range
[CaptainThompson] ::brings up a monitor on his console and taps into Sensors::

[EnsignDunarie] ::makes a few ajustments and heads over to the master situation monitor
[CaptainThompson] ::sees a small fleet of ships appear out of the bottom corner of his screen:: Hmmm... what could that be... 
[EnsignDunarie] ::keeps himself busy at the monitor::
[CaptainThompson] Jarvis, keep those fingers ready... we may need to leave in a pinch
[EnsignJarvis] Ayesir... evasives on stnadby

***ACTION*** 12 small attack ships change course and intercept the Defiant

[CaptainThompson] hmmm
[EnsignJarvis] A swarm of bees, sir
[CaptainThompson] yes.. we may have disturbed their nest
[CaptainThompson] Scan them, 
[EnsignJarvis] Cardassian Hideki class, they're scanning us, weapons online
[CaptainThompson] hmm ... this doesn't look good
[CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Dunarie, keep your engineers on their toes.. we may need them really quick
[CaptainThompson] ::Stands up:: Open a hail to the lead Cardy ship engsign
[EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ understood sir
[EnsignJarvis] Ayesir ::taps console:: channel open
[CaptainThompson] +COM+ Cardassian fleet, this is Captain WolfeBay Thompson of the USS Defiant.. ::gets cut off::
 +COM+ You again Captain?  I don't care for your salutations today.  State your reasoning for being out here immediately
[EnsignJarvis] Not interested in chit-chat, sir

[CaptainThompson] +COM+ We're out in non-aligned space Legate... we're out here investigating the attacks on some frieghters.. have you anything to do with these?
+COM+ No, and how dare you think of us attacking defenseless frieghters.. We're out here investigating attacks on our own freighters as well... perhaps StarFleet was involved I suppose? After all an attack ship is out and about on its own near us... again..
[CaptainThompson] +COM+ I assure you Legate we have nothing to do with this... ::gets cut off by Duktan closing the channel::
[CaptainThompson] ::looks to Jarvis:: not a friendly fellow...
[EnsignJarvis] Indeed, sir. They are pulling away
[CaptainThompson] I swear he gets more and more ships every time we run into him... I do wonder, why is his border patrol out in non-aligned space instead of at the Cardassian borders...
[CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Dunarie.. you may tell your engineers to quit sweating so much.. the Cardies have left the area..
[EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ my Engineers don't sweat, sir, wink wink
[EnsignFalcon] ::scans the cardassian ship for any unauthorized equipment or cargo::

***ACTION*** The Defiant's sheilds light up as debris strikes them

[CaptainThompson] Full stop Jarvis.. I think we arrived earlier than we expected
[EnsignJarvis] ayesir...
[EnsignJarvis] All stop
[CaptainThompson] ::feels the ship slow down to a stop::
[CaptainThompson] Falcon, beam aboard a few small peices of that debris to the cargo bay
[EnsignFalcon] Aye sir
[CaptainThompson] ::Looks over his padd:: Make that cargo bay 2.. Bay 1 is filled
[EnsignJarvis] We're 3.7 light years from New Jalanda, sir
[EnsignFalcon] ::scans the debris and selects the more crucial pieces as cargo space is limited on this class of ship::
[CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Dunarie, report to Cargo bay 2, you'll meet up with Falcon and I want you both to scan the debris for any weapon markings.. 
[CaptainThompson] ::looks to Falcon:: I want you to determine what weapons were used out here.. Jarvis and I will find out why this debris is farther away than reported
[EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ Sounds like fun, on my way
[EnsignFalcon] ::nods and stands, heading for the TL:: Deck 3
[EnsignDunarie] ::picks up a tricorder and walks to Cargo Bay 2::
[CaptainThompson] ::gets up from his seat and looks over Jarvis's shoulder:: Ensign, scan for any activity in this region
[EnsignJarvis] Ayesir...
[EnsignJarvis] Hmm, solar drift maybe? Or maybe this debris is from another ship besides those going to New Jalanda
[CaptainThompson] Could be.. I doubt solar drift.. too far away and too short of a time to travel here
[EnsignFalcon] ::exits TL and takes a corner to the cargobay::
[EnsignDunarie] ::Walks through the doors of Cargo Bay 2::
[EnsignFalcon] ::nods:: Ensign
[EnsignFalcon] ::pulls out tricorder and begins scanning the debris, circling it::
[EnsignDunarie] ::flips open his tricorder and starts scanning::
[CaptainThompson] ::looks over a monitor on Jarvis's console:: WHy is this stuff out here.. scan for large chunks of the ship.. lets figure out what this is
[EnsignDunarie] ::nods back::
[EnsignJarvis] Aye, narrowing search criteria... scanning
[EnsignDunarie] ::centers his attention on a chared piece of metal::
[CaptainThompson] ::crosses his arms and looks out the viewscreen at a few smaller chunks of the ship::
[EnsignFalcon] This was definately induced by weapon's fire
[EnsignFalcon] ::scans readings:: And judging from the particle dispersion, it looks like some form of disrupter, though it doesn't adhere to any known disruptor pattern
[CaptainThompson] If this was another ship attacked this far out.... ::walks to the tactical console and gives the monitors a good look over:: Good weapons are ready for anything...
[CaptainThompson] +taps+ Falcon, Dunarie, anything yet?
[EnsignDunarie] ::looks up at Falcon::
[EnsignFalcon] ::closes tricorder and quietly clears throat:: At least, that's my understanding.
[EnsignFalcon] +taps+ It shows signs that it is a disruptor, but I can't identify what design specifically
[EnsignDunarie] +taps+ it seems like the attack was exicuted very fast as well sir, they might have been caught with their shields down, or we got a failly powerfull enemy
[CaptainThompson] +Taps+  You cannot determine if its close to anything the Romulans or Klingons would use? maybe the Cardassians?  I suspect the Cardassians of Foul play here.. they do have a large fleet.. compare those readings you got with Jarvis's scannings of the Cardy fleet weapons
[CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Or... the cardy fleet pummled them to death...
[EnsignFalcon] +taps+ At this point our information is inconclusive

-=/\=- SIM END -=/\=-

To Be Continued on November 11th, 2002.