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WolfeBay .............Captain WolfeBay ThompsonShip Commander
Brad .....................Ensign Dunarie Ve`norCheif Engineer Officer
Sertok ..................Ensign Christopher FalconCheif Science Officer
Sir Paul ..................Ensign TolockoCheif Science Officer
Scotso.................Cadet BordeuxHelm Officer
Mission Info:

The Fantasy crew have been re-assigned to the USS Defiant NX - 74205 -A (formally the USS Sao Palo NCC 75633), and given the mission to investigate whats attacking the Bajoran freighters en route to the Bajoran's new colony, New Jalanda, on the outskirts of non-aligned space. 
On the way, the crew has faced an unfriendly fleet of 12 Cardassian Hideki class patrol ships also investigating attacks on their own frieghters, and also came across debris floating in space.
Meanwhile, Federation/Klingon relations have struck hot waters over the new Federation/Romulan peace treaties taking place, and a warning has been sent out to all Federation ships to be on the look out for rogue Klingon attack ships.
The crew must now determine who is responcible for the attacks while staying out of the Cardassian's way, and avoiding any rogue Klingon ships.  And now, the story continues...

-=/\=- SIM START -=/\=-

[CadetBordeux] ::takes his station::
[EnsignFalcon] ::runs standard scans taught at academy::
[EnsignTolocko] ::walks up to his station, and sits down:: mm.. leather..
[CaptainThompson] ::Stands over his bridge after releasing Ensign Jarvis to the sickbay from his bad lunch:: 
[EnsignTolocko] ::runs his usual scans::
[EnsignDunarie] ::walks around engineering, keeping everything ship-shape and battle ready::
[CadetBordeux] ::taps random buttons::
[CaptainThompson] Anything different on scans Falcon?
[EnsignFalcon] Yes! ::excitedly intensifies scans::
[EnsignFalcon] ::face drops:: I lost it. Whatever it was, its gone now.
[CaptainThompson] ::walks over to Falcon's station:: Yes? ::curves a brow up::
[EnsignDunarie] ::gets a drink of water from the replicator::

[EnsignFalcon] I don't know, the little phantom blip just vanished.
[CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Dunarie.. lets boost some energy to Falcon's sensors.. ::looks down to Falcon:: as soon as you get your power boost intensify those scans.. it could be cloaked
[EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ aye-aye sir
[EnsignFalcon] Sir, do you have reason to beleive what I detected is cloaked?
[CaptainThompson] ::looks to Cadet Bordeux:: Keep your finers ready .. I want to get out of here in a pinch if necessary
[EnsignDunarie] ::runs over to a power allocation console::
 [CaptainThompson] I have reason to beleive that whatever it is, no one has seen it, and its quite possible that its cloak is fluctuating Falcon... its just a hunch..
[CadetBordeux] Retreat course plotted, Captain.
[EnsignDunarie] ::diverts come power from here and there to the scanners, and does a recalibration on them::
[EnsignDunarie] +Taps+ Engineering to bridge, scanners should be improoved now captain
[CaptainThompson] ::walks over to the tactical station:: Run a scan through your weapons.. Lets ensure they're ready Ensign
[EnsignFalcon] There is an asteroid belt floating out there that could be inhibiting some results, can I suggest a heading change?
[CaptainThompson] +Taps+ Aye Dunarie, and thanks
[CaptainThompson] ::rubs his chin:: Aye, do your sensors show a better position for us?
[EnsignFalcon] Yes sir, ::sends coordinants to the helm console::
[CaptainThompson] ::nods:: Cadet, take us to those coordinates... 
[CaptainThompson] Engage
[EnsignTolocko] ::grabs himself a nutripak, since it's obvious he isn't going to be needed anytime soon::
[CaptainThompson] ::looks over to Tolocko:: Take us to Yellow alert Ensign 
[EnsignFalcon] ::runs intensified scans::
[CadetBordeux] ::engages:
[EnsignTolocko] yes sir. ::Taps some buttons::
[EnsignTolocko] yellow alert

***ACTION*** A strange and massive dark red and black ship decloaks flying parrallel to the Defiant, making the defiant look like a toy

[EnsignTolocko] ::sets the ship to red alert::
[EnsignFalcon] woah!
[CadetBordeux] Incoming hail, Captain.
[CaptainThompson] ::looks over to Falcon:: Whats going on?
[EnsignFalcon] Your guess is as good as mine
[CaptainThompson] ::looks over to Bordeux perplexed:: Aye, Open channel
[CadetBordeux] ::puts the message on main viewer::
[EnsignDunarie] ::runs to a display after hearing red aler sirens:: holy Aribus...
[CadetBordeux] Open.
[EnsignTolocko] ::keeps his hand ready at his sidearm::
[EnsignFalcon] ::sends a text message to the helm console, "Who was your pilot instructor?"::

**ACTION** A dark shadowy figure appears on the view screen but no one can determine the race.. the unkown commander speaks

 [EnsignFalcon] ::looks to see if Bordeux gets the message, then directs majority of attention back to science console::

[UnkownCommander] You're presence here has not been requested Federation... the matters that go on here are not of your concern.. leave now or prepared to be fired upon.
[EnsignDunarie] ::shouts out orders to repair crews to head to key locations and stand by::
[CaptainThompson] I am Captain WolfeBay Thompson of the Federation Starship Defiant.. we come in the name of peace and seek a resolution to the destruction of the Bajoran and Cardassian freightors in this region.. State your reason for being here and inflicting damage to these defenseless ships
[EnsignFalcon] ::is slightly uncomfortable, knowing Defiant class vessels can't take nearly as much damage as they can inflict::
[UnkownCommander] I warned you Captain... ::cuts the comm signal::
[EnsignFalcon] ::scans for weaknesses in the enemy vessel::
[CaptainThompson] That didn't sound good.. Tolocko, red alert and man tactical
[CadetBordeux] Evasive manueavers, Captain?
[EnsignFalcon] All I can say is.....they are armed to the teeth.
[CaptainThompson] Yes, bring us away from this ship immediately
[EnsignTolocko] aye sir!  ::sets the ship to Alert condition red and runs over to the tactical stations::
[CadetBordeux] ::engages evasive man.::
[EnsignFalcon] I'm still trying to detect weaknesses in their ship though.

***ACTION*** The gigantic ship turns towards the Defiant and fires a few torpedos accross the bow missing the deflector dish by mere feet

[CaptainThompson] ::nods:: Aye, for the mean time lets get out of here.. Bordeux, get us to the Jalanda colony, Warp 8
[CaptainThompson] Engage!
[EnsignFalcon] Sir, if we can lure them over to the asteroid belt, the same interference that inhibited our earlier scans should weaken the area of their shields encasing their engines
[CadetBordeux] Warp 8, aye sir. ::engages::
[EnsignFalcon] With a well aimed shot we could slow them down for hours..
[EnsignTolocko] and those are hours well needed, sir
[CaptainThompson] ::rubs his chin:: You think we can pull it off?  How well aimed does this shot need to be?
[EnsignFalcon] It won't be easy, but its possible.
[EnsignTolocko] I'm sure I can be able to do it, sir.. count on me!

***ACTION*** The unkown ship takes pursuit of the Defiant closing in faster than the Defiant can get away

[EnsignDunarie] ::runs over to the master warp engine console::
[CaptainThompson] Aye, Bordeux, change heading and take us into the astroid field at all due speed
[CadetBordeux] ::plots course for the asteroid field, maximum warp::
[CaptainThompson] ::takes his seat in the command chair:: Lets hope this works.. or else we're space dust like the freightors.. 
[EnsignFalcon] Our shields aren't affected by the asteroid's radiation the way theirs are.
[CaptainThompson] Bordeux.. send a message to them that we've found the perpetrator out here, and we're being tailgated by them... emergency assistance is requested
[CadetBordeux] Message sent.
[CaptainThompson] ::looks to falcon:: Our sheilds may not be affected by the field, but if the enemy fires on us we're still going to hurt
[EnsignFalcon] ::looks to the Cadet:: So we'll need a good dodger.

***ACTION*** The Defiant sails smoothly into the astroid feild dodging huge chunks of rocks... not far away the aggressor takes a position outside the belt waiting for the Defiant to sail out

[EnsignTolocko] ::takes aim for the engines::
[CadetBordeux] ::shoots a cold glare at Bordeux::
[CadetBordeux] Incoming hail.
[CaptainThompson] Open the channel cadet.
[CadetBordeux] Channel open.
[EnsignFalcon] Watch out for that floating rock...
[UnknownCommander] +COM+ Come out you cowardly dogs, face your punishment with honor and dignity and fight! 
[CaptainThompson] Cadet, mute the comm
[EnsignTolocko] hm.. sounds Klingon
[CadetBordeux] Muted.
[CaptainThompson] ::looks over his shoulder:: Thats what it sounds like to me.. Flacon? Whats your thoughts here?
[CadetBordeux] ::thinks:  I hate Klingons::
[EnsignDunarie] ::walks to a TL::
[EnsignDunarie] Computer, bridge

***ACTION*** The aggressor begins firing at the larger astroids blowing the Defiants cover 

[EnsignDunarie] ::waits for the TL to stop, walks on the bridge, and sits at the cramped engineering station::
[CadetBordeux] We should flood the place with gravitic mines and give them a reason to follow us.
[CaptainThompson] ::Looks at the view screen.. :: I guess they didn't want to wait for my responce... Falcon send the engine target coordinates to Tolocko, lets get this over with..
[CaptainThompson] ::looks over his shoulder:: Dunarie I'm glad you're on the bridge.. are your men ready for emergency repairs?
[EnsignTolocko] should I use phasers or torpedoes, sir?
[EnsignFalcon] :;sends the coordinates:: Sir, Bordeux may be on to something
[EnsignFalcon] The way the asteroid belt is moving, we can trap their ship inbetween mines and the belt.
[EnsignFalcon] It would take a bit of weaving, but we'd be able to keep our distance and emerge unscathed.
[EnsignDunarie] Yeah, I wanted to experiende the action first hand, and the repairs crews are all preped and ready
[CaptainThompson] Use both Tolocko.. lets go in gunz blazing.. Bordeux, take us in, Tactical manueuver Falcon Alpha 
[CadetBordeux] Engaged.
[EnsignTolocko] yes sir! ::thinks: time to KILL stuff!!::
[CaptainThompson] :: stands up:: Weapons ready Tolocko
[EnsignTolocko] ::aims phasers and torpedoes towards the shields::
[CaptainThompson] ::nods::

***ACTION*** The Defiant cruises past the aggressor ship missing all the shots fired at it and rounds near the rear of the ship

[EnsignTolocko] dang it!
[EnsignTolocko] ::fires a few more rounds::
[CaptainThompson] ::turns to look at tolocko:: What happened?
[CadetBordeux] Nice shooting.
[CadetBordeux] Try hitting it next time.
[EnsignTolocko] I missed them all.. I failed.
[CaptainThompson] Lets aim at the engine before they fire back... Bordeux you're going to have to bring us in a lot closer
[EnsignFalcon] ::reviews scans:: I just noticed now that we got close enough, but they have a device that interferes with targetting scanners
[EnsignTolocko] yes sir  ::tries aiming better::
[EnsignFalcon] I'll try to compensate ::furiously works with the ship's systems::
[CadetBordeux] ::brings the ship to point-blank range::
[CaptainThompson] ::raises his eyebrow and turns to Falcon:: Would have been nice to know this before hand Falcon.. we're in deep space dust if we can't get a perfect shot
[EnsignDunarie] ::sends a few commands to engineering to boost phaser power::
[EnsignFalcon] I'm sorry sir, but the information was not available until we came in for our attack.

***ACTION*** The aggressor battle cruiser opens fire at the Defiant grazing the sheilds with its powerful disruptors rocking the ship

[CaptainThompson] Fire Ensign! 
[CaptainThompson] ::sits down before he falls from the rocking::
[EnsignTolocko] ::fires 8 shots::
[EnsignDunarie] ::bumps his head on a display screen:: 
[CaptainThompson] ::watches the torpedoes cruise toward the engines:: 
[EnsignTolocko] ::crosses his fingers::
[EnsignDunarie] ::rubs his head and curses under his breath::

***ACTION*** The 8 torpedoes fly toward the engines of the enemy, most of them being knocked out by defense disruptor arrays, while the few remaining hit the hull plating

[EnsignTolocko] well, that was better than before..
[CaptainThompson] Yes a lot better.. any damage Falcon?
[EnsignFalcon] ::nods:: They re a sitting duck
[EnsignFalcon] correction..
[EnsignFalcon] Run like hell!
[CaptainThompson] ::looks at falcon perplexed:: One way or the other Falcon
[CaptainThompson] Borduex get us out of here warp 9 and engage
[CadetBordeux] Warp 9, aye aye.
[CadetBordeux] ::cough::cowards::cough::
[EnsignDunarie] well, at least we only sustained superficial damage.. so far

***ACTION***The battle cruiser turns about and takes aim at the Defiant as she leaves, hitting her with all she's got lowering her sheilds before the Defiant warps away

[EnsignDunarie] far
[CaptainThompson] ::holds onto the arms of his chair as some stations begin sparking::... What was that Dunarie?
[EnsignDunarie] uuuhg
[EnsignDunarie] ::goes over to the console and kicks it::
[EnsignFalcon] ::checks scanners:: They are in pursuit of us, sir
[EnsignDunarie] ::grumbles::
[EnsignTolocko] DANG IT! that was close!
[CaptainThompson] ::looks back to Dunarie:: Well.. if we make it back.. at least you dont have to do the repairs yourself
[CaptainThompson] Whats their status Falcon?  Are they catching up?
[EnsignFalcon] ::smiles to Tolocko:: And your shots worked, we couldn't tell because of the asteroid interference before, but now that we've cleared the field it's evident they sustained some critical damage
[EnsignFalcon] The way things are going now, no, sir.
[CaptainThompson] ::nods hearing the good news:: Good to know we did some good out there
[CadetBordeux] We should go back and destroy them.
[EnsignFalcon] ::gives Bordeux an awkward and horrified look::
[CadetBordeux] Incoming hail, Capitan.
[EnsignDunarie] that depends sir, on how busy the DS9 mainanence crews are..
[CaptainThompson] ::looks to Bordeux:: I dont think that's the Federation policy Cadet
[CaptainThompson] Open the channel
[CadetBordeux] Channel open.
[EnsignDunarie] ::laughs a little to himself at Bordeux's comment::
[EnsignTolocko] ::gives Bordeux a "what are YOU smoking" look::
[LegateDuktan] +COM+ This is Legate Duktan of the fearsome border patrol fleet of Hideki's... Request recieved and honored captain Thompson.. We're converging on the enemy target now... your assistance would be much appreciated if you'd turn around... Legate Duktan out
[CadetBordeux] ::gives Tolocko an "I'll deal with you later" look::
[CadetBordeux] We can't let the reptiles have all the fun.
[CaptainThompson] ::rubs his chin in deep thought...:: Lets turn the ship around Cadet... Tolocko keep those weapons handy.. lets see if this can't end peacefully
[CadetBordeux] ::turns the ship around, maximum warp::
[EnsignTolocko] it could be a trap..
[CaptainThompson] Aye Ensign, that is why we're turning around.. we must make sure this matter ends peacefully and no one else is destroyed
[CaptainThompson] I dont beleive so cadet.. the Cardies have lost their own freightors to this monster
[CaptainThompson] Dunarie, what is our ship status ?
[EnsignDunarie] a few fried wires, shields at 79%
[CaptainThompson] alright.. we can still take a beating... get your crew on the fried wires so that we can minimize further damage
[EnsignTolocko] true.. but could it be the mystery race pretending to be cardassians?
[CaptainThompson] Falcon, whats the status of those Hideki's out there?
[EnsignTolocko] maybe not.. never mind sir'
[EnsignFalcon] They are taking quite a beating, sir
[CaptainThompson] ::looks to falcon:: They started the fight without us being there?
[EnsignTolocko] I'd say we try our best, and if we get destroyed, oh well.. at least we died in battle... ::gives a grimmace::
[CaptainThompson] ::looks back to tolocko..:: thats not my policy Ensign.. you keep those weapons firing on my order and ensure the safety by making every shot count
[EnsignTolocko] yes sir

***ACTION*** The Defiant cruises into the battle taking a few shots from the aggressor while the Cardassian fleet takes the majority and inflicting as much damage to the enemy

[EnsignFalcon] It looks that way
[EnsignTolocko] {{crap.. there goes my chances to FINALLY die..  curse my near-immortality}}
[CaptainThompson] ::shakes his head:: I dont think my plans to end this peacefully is going to work with the Cardies around to entice the battle
[EnsignDunarie] Better to destroy them and anilize the DNA of the organic debree than let them get away, no?

**ACTION** A stray torpedo hits the Defiant's sheilds with an explosion powerful enough to cause severe damage to the port warp nacelle's hull platting

[EnsignDunarie] ::falls out of his chair:: ouch
[EnsignTolocko] {{then again}}
[EnsignFalcon] It isn't my place to say as Science officer but I suspect we won't last much longer in this battle
[CaptainThompson] ::holds onto his chair tightly as the ship rocks violently:: Alright thats your que Tolocko.. open fire.. 
[EnsignTolocko] ::fires a dozen or so shots, making sure at least some hit::
[EnsignDunarie] ::looks at dsiplay:: looks like I'm needed in Engineering
[CaptainThompson] Falcon, send all your data you gathered to Bordeux's console quickly.. Bordeux, evasive maneuvers and transmit that data to all cardassian ships.. lets finish this
[CadetBordeux] Engaged and sent, Captain.
[CaptainThompson] ::nods:: Get there Dunarie
[EnsignFalcon] ::passes the data along to Bordeux::
[EnsignDunarie] ::runs to TL:: Computer, Main Engineering, and hurry
[CaptainThompson] ::watches as a few cardassian Hideki's blow up in a bright ball of plasma flames in the void of space:: That didnt' look good
[EnsignDunarie]  TL has one speed *beep*
[EnsignDunarie] oh shut up..
[CaptainThompson] Tolocko, take aim at the engines and give them hell
[EnsignDunarie] ::slips through TL doors at Engineering and runs to the master situations monitor
[EnsignTolocko] ::aims at the engines, and fires another dozen shots::
[CadetBordeux] After we finish this guy off we should rid the universe of some Cardassians.
[EnsignDunarie] :shouts out orders to repair crews and other Engineers::
[EnsignTolocko] hey!

***ACTION*** The remaining ships begin to converge on the engines of the enemy ship while it returns fire with all weapons blazing in every direction at the fleet

[CaptainThompson] ::Turns to Tolocko:: Yes Ensign?
[EnsignTolocko] I just take offense to people talking about cardassians that way.. after all, they are the first race I met in this area...
[EnsignDunarie] ::stumbles around engineering while going from console to console::

***ACTION*** The cruiser fires a round of torpedoes at the Defiant, three of them hitting the ventral hull plating and causing the Defiant to spin off its course and crew falling to the floor from the increased geforce

[CaptainThompson] ::falls to the floor and feels like he's gonna be crushed into it::
[EnsignFalcon] ::pulls self back into chair and works with the damaged sensor arrays::

***ACTION*** The unkown commander of the aggressive ship opens a frequency to all the ships.. "You cowardly dogs have no honor in this fight.. we depart you now"

[EnsignFalcon] Three guesses as to who that was

***ACTION*** The enormous dark red and black ship manages to warp away and cloaks into the blackness of space"

[CaptainThompson] ::stands up:: And the first 2 are wrong
[EnsignDunarie] ::leads a repair team to continue efforts on the damaged nacel::
[CadetBordeux] Drats.  ::slams his fist::
[CaptainThompson] They surely aren't Cardassian and aren't Ferengi, thats for sure.. Anyone smell a bit of Klingon dog here?
[EnsignTolocko] ::sniffs:: that's me.. sorry...
[EnsignDunarie] ::helps the team out, gives them some pointers, and heads back to the bridge::
[CaptainThompson] ::watches the view screen as the remaining Cardassian Hideki's warp away::.. The Cardassians have no hospitality whatsoever
[EnsignDunarie] ::walks in:: where they using disruptors?
[CaptainThompson] They were using a much more powerful form of disruptors unkown to our records Dunarie
[CaptainThompson] Bordeux.. lets go home.. set a course to Deep Space 9 and engage
[CadetBordeux] engaged.
[EnsignDunarie] well, after this, some studies of our scaner records during the battle might be able to help determine who they came from, sometimes even with new upgraded weapons, there can be some distinct signs it was made by one Empire or another.. unfourtunately, not allways

***ACTION*** The Defiant arrives at DS9 and docks at a docking arm.

-=/\=- SIM END -=/\=-