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USS Fantasy Specifications

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Type 9 Shuttle
Fast Courier / General Purpose Shuttle
2370 - Present
Maximum Capacity
4 (Can carry up to 8 in emergencies)


Decks: 1
Length: 9.17 meters
Height: 2.95 meters
Beam: 3.8 meters
Internal Configurations
Computer System: LCARS (Library Computer Access Retreival System)
Computer Configuration: Bio-neural Gel Packs
Transporters: Yes
Planetary Landing: Yes
Shields: Yes; total capacity 13,500 TeraJoules
Phasers: (2) Type IV Phaser Arrays
(1) Type IV Phaser Emitter
Torpedoes: (2) Micro-torpedo tubes + 60 micro-torpedoes (1 forward, 1 aft)
Warp Engines
Warp Engine Type: M/ARA (Matter/Antimater ReAction)
Number of Warp Naccelles: 2
Cruising Warp Speed: Warp 5
Emergency Warp Speed: Warp 5.4
Max Warp Speed: Warp 5.8 For 3 hours
Refit Cycle and Life Time:
Expected Hull Life Time: 50 years
Minor Refit: 1 year
Standard Refit: 5 years
Major Refit 15 years
Other Notes
Shuttle Field History
Star Date: 50302.03
Port warp naccelle was damaged upon landing on an unkown M-Class planet orbiting a blue star in the Beta Quadrant.

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