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USS Fantasy Specifications

The USS Fantasy NCC - 75457 - E is a Nova Class Type b Class starship in Starfleet. The Nova Class Type b was developed using the original Nova ship design, and improving upon her technology to help make the Type b's more able to defend themselves and allow for deep space exploration (In Star trek: Voyager, Season 7, Episode EndGame, The USS Rhode Island commanded by Captain Harry Kim of the early 2400's, is a Nova class starship fitted for deep space exploration and carries more weopons to defend herself with. The Type b is just a modification step foward to the Rhode Island's design).

Shuttles  Fantasy Deck Specs

Nova Class Star Ship - Type b
Science, Explorer Vessel
2369 - present
Maximum Capacity

Nova Class Star Ship.

Decks: 8
Length: 34 meters
Height: 165 meters
beam: 64 meters
Internal Configurations
Computer System: LCARS (Library Computer Access Reeival Strystem)
Computer Configuratrion: Bio-Neural Gel packs
Transporters: Yes
Planetary Landing: Yes
Shields: Yes; Total capacity 688,500 TeraJoules
Phasers: (11) Type VIII phaser arrays
Torpedoes: (4) Torpedo Tubes (1 aft, 3 foward (2 stationed next to sensor palette on saucer section)) + 50 Torpedoes (40 photon, 20 Quantum)
Shuttle Craft: Yes (4 Maximum)
Runabout Craft: None
Warp Engines
Warp Engine Type: M/ARA (Matter/Antimater ReAction)
Number of Warp Naccelles: 2
Cruising Warp Speed: Warp 6
Emergency Warp Speed: Warp 8
Max Warp Speed: Warp 8.7 For 8 hours
Refit Cycle and Life Time:
Expected Hull Life Time: 120 years
Minor Refit: 1 year
Standard Refit: 2 years
Major Refit 6 years
Other Notes
Other Ships of this Class
Ship Name: Status:
USS Nova
NCC ?????
First ship of this class to bear the name.
USS Equinox
NCC 72381
Destroyed in the Delta Quadrant after encountering the USS Voyager and being attacked by an alien species from another dimension

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