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Sim Information

This RPG sims on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). To get there, you need an IRC program (you can obtain one at for Windows or for MacOS.) and need to configure the server to join on the StarLink-IRC Network (server listed below) and join the Channel (aka Chatroom listed below as well).
Genre:Star Trek
Time:Monday nights at 8:45 P.M. EDT/7:45 P.M. CDT.
Server:StarLink-IRC (server:, port: 6667)
The sim is a proud member of the Federation Simulation Group.

          The year is 2379, the Dominion war has been over with for a few years now, and the USS Voyager has returned from the Delta Quadrant, bringing vast knowledge about the quadrant never before seen by the Federation, re-invigorating the Federation's desire for exploration. Now that Starfleet has replaced many of its ships lost during the Dominion war, the Federation has decided to start exploring space beyond its borders, and those of the surrounding Empires. Peace between the Federation and the Romulans has opened up new gateways between the two, both sharing a little bit of their scientific knowledge with each other, and has opened dedicated paths for the Federation to travel through to enter the Beta Quadrant and begin exploration beyond the Romulan Star Empire.

          Meanwhile, in the Klingon Empire, High Council member Gubak, from the House of ChA`KoTas, a very patriotic and influential Klingon, has begun to convince other members of the High Council to beleive in his beleif; that the Federation and Romulan peace status between each other is not in good interest for the Klingons and has spread the fear that the two will move into it's already weakened territory if they do not do something about it soon. The Klingon council members convinced of this by Gubak have closed some diplomatic channels with the United Federation of Planets and all channels with the Romulan Star Empire and has begun rebuilding its massive armada's in prepreation for the future... The only thing keeping the new Klingon Aggression from pouring into Federation Space is Klingon Council Leader, General Martok, who has managed to keep some peace between his people and the Federation.

          The USS Fantasy-E, the sixth ship to bear the name, has been given this task of exploration beyond the Empires, with a new ship, a Nova Class Type B, under the command of Captain WolfeBay Thompson. Join her as she embarks on journeys into the Beta Quadrant, exploring and seeking out new life and new civilizations, while helping to maintain peace between the Romulans and the Federation, and keeping out of the Klingons way.

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